Cayo Coco Welcomes You Back - Video

Posted on 11/11/2017 | About Cuba

Cayo Coco, Cuba

As the first group of visitors to arrive back in Cayo Coco / Jardines del Rey on October 29th, 2017, after the devastation of Hurricane Irma and successful efforts to rebuild; we were greeted upon arrival with music, dance and legendary Cuban hospitality.

A Cayo Coco experience is perfect for your Winter Sun, Family Vacation, Romantic Getaway, Destination Wedding, Honeymoon, and more!

Cuba is culture, nature, history, magic and traditions. Diversity, multiple cultures, and a fusion of races and customs make Cuba one of the most unique and fascinating Caribbean destinations.

Your experiences in Cayo Coco will be characterized by its people. The Cubans are imaginative, joyful, unprejudiced, show their intelligence, love to celebrate, and are friends. Cayo Coco is a paradise of tropical vegetation, beautiful white-sand beaches and a coral reef to explore. Resorts and spectacular beaches abound in Cayo Coco.

This is Cuban Hospitality

The best thing about Cayo Coco and it's resorts is the Cuban people. They were beyond awesome and truly made your trip. It's very easy to establish true friendships with these wonderful and genuine folks. This is one of the ways #Cuba welcomed us Canadians back. Watch the video...

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Video/Photo Source: John Zeus