Affluent Traveller Preferences Today

Posted on 10/19/2017

Affluent Traveller Preferences Today - It's About the Experience

The affluent traveller in the world today faces interesting decisions when planning a trip. - First class or business flight? International or domestic trip? Work with a travel consultant or book online?

How do affluent travellers choose to spend their money, and how do they choose to travel? These FAQ's about affluent travellers today answer many questions from what motivates them to travel, to why they’re so willing to purchase luxury vacations.

1. The Majority of Affluent People Today put Spending on Trips Ahead of Goods

When asked how they would spend $5,000, 87 percent of affluent traveller respondents said they would use the money for travel rather than a new watch or piece of jewelry. Affluents prioritize the experiences and memories they get from travel ahead of objects, according to recent surveys.

2. The Affluent Traveller Travels to Explore New Destinations

Discovering new destinations was the top reason our Travel Consultants gave when asked why their clients are traveling. Travel consultants agreed that their clients were motivated by:

  • seeking authentic experiences,
  • rest and relaxation,
  • personal enrichment,
  • and spending time or reconnecting with loved ones.

3. The Affluent Traveller Today Makes Trip Decisions Based on Input from Friends and Family

According to our travel consultants, word of mouth from friends or family was the most influential source of information for travel decisions made by affluent Total Advantage clients. The next most popular sources were the travel consultant’s advice, Google client reviews, word of mouth recommendations, travel publications and social networking sites.

4. The Affluent Traveller Takes Long Trips to International Destinations

The Affluent Traveller - International Destinations

Travel Consultants also found the most popular type of leisure trip the affluent traveller was booking. - International trips of eight days or longer were by far the most popular, followed by week-long international trips. Next were domestic trips of three to five days, week-long domestic trips and weekend getaways.

5. The Affluent Traveller Flies Business Class

Business class was the top preference for affluent travellers today. That was followed by Economy‐Plus or similar, economy, and first class.

6. The Affluent Spend More on Travel than Other Luxury Categories

Overall luxury spending will rise 6.6 percent in the next year. Overall, the top 10 percent of earners will spend more than $115 billion on travel.

7. Travel is the Top Passion of the Affluent

Two-thirds of affluent travellers cite travel as their number-one passion. Next was quality family time, which explains the popularity of family travel.

8. The Affluent Traveller Today is More Likely to Work with a Travel Consultant

Travel Consultant Booking Trip

One in four affluent travellers today plan to work with a Travel Consultant according to a survey by Time Inc. Of those who plan to work with a Travel Consultant, 80 percent will do so because of the extra service they’ll receive if things go wrong. The consultant’s knowledge of destinations and travel providers, or their ability to take the stress out of travel arrangements was a motivating factor.

Clients of travel consultants benefit from the extra service, the knowledge, and the connections they receive.


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